Week-end of sunshine,fun and sore feet !!


Another fantastic week-end for me… long gone are the week-ends when the only fun thing was waiting for East Enders to start on the Sunday.

With the promise that the sunny weather would continue we took ourselves down to the river with our BIG tent for the night.blog 063

It was camping in luxury for us, a big difference to when we shared the one man tent while walking in Corsica.

We enjoyed an evening swim and BBQ before retiring to our tent and very   comfortable double airbed for the night.

We woke to the birds singing and the start of another warm sunny day.

After an early morning swim in the river we cooked kippers on the BBQ for breakfast.


A surprise and unexpected visit from my friend Anne.

Also had friends come to stay and I cooked dinner.

Nothing too fancy .. Asparagus for starters… stuffed peppers and salad … then fresh pineapple and ice cream for pudding.

A great evening with great company.


We took ourselves off to do the annual Oxfam walk.blog 064

You could choose between three circular routes of 4, 9 or 13 miles or combine them to walk 17, 22 or 26.

As it was so hot we only did the 13 miles.

we finished the day off with a swim in the river.


After a morning of jobs I got another river swim before having to come home to Kings Lynn.


Every summer when the hot weather starts I get sore feet when i change from winter foot wear to summer foot wear .

I don’t think I am suited to sandals and pretty summer shoes. 🙁 but this year I am going to persevere  although at the moment I am in agony.

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