Putting plans into action…

Almost the weekend and time for me to go off on my walking holiday with Geoff.

First I have to get things in order at home… make sure all the washing is done toilets cleaned and general housework done.

Then I have a massive food shop to do to make sure boys have all the food they need.

They will cook meals including, Chili, Spaghetti  Bolognese, Tuna Pasta Bake and Curry they also like Sausage ,Pizza ,Chicken Burgers and Fish.

I will have to find time to bake them some Muffins and Rock Cakes as well.

I wont start to get my walking kit together till tomorrow night when everything else is done.

Most importantly I have to book my taxi to get to the train station, after what happened last time I am a bit nervous about it but it has to be done.!!

once on that train I can relax and enjoy my holiday 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Putting plans into action…

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  2. Ellee

    Good luck with the taxi, perhaps you should ring them in advance while you are waiting to make sure there are no more mistakes. Have a great time.

  3. nunyaa

    Nothing worse than coming home from holidays and having to do housework. Have fun and safe holiday 🙂

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