An Unexpected walk….

Today I met up with Geoff in Downham Market.

He finally got me to go and look at some houses at a new development called Winnold’s Green.

which is in a brilliant location right next to the Train Station.

The showroom was very nice but the size of the third bedroom was tiny, far too tiny for a 6ft teenage boy.

I also became very aware of the fact that I will never be able to afford to buy a house.

A fact I did all ready know !!

I would need to earn at least four times more than I already earn in a year,something that I think is just impossible.

Impossible partly because I would die if I had to work that many hours at Tesco and partly because I want a life and have no desire to spend my life at work.

I work to live not live to work !!!

So I expect I will buy my new car… help my son out by giving him my old car, and then just hope that maybe one day I will get a housing association house in Downham Market

The rest of our day was spent doing something I love…. walking.

We walked along the river from Downham market to Denver sluice.

Called in at Denver Windmill , carried on through Denver village before taking a footpath back into Downham Market.

A great way to end the afternoon. 🙂

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