New Plans…..

After my Depressing and Disappointing day last week , I decided not to dwell on it and make some new plans.

Firstly I let my son withdraw his life’s savings, with this he has re started his driving lessons and booked his test for 19th May.

I have to believe that a miracle will happen soon and he will get a job.

My other son decided to book his interview for the Army, after I told him he could imagesstill go to the college open day.

I explained to him that he should have more than one plan.

So… I have started my search for a new car again.

I don’t want much just the cheapest car with highest mileage, cheap car insurance, and tax. šŸ™‚

My favourites at the moment seem to be the Vauxhall Corsa and the Renault Clio!!

I have my big walk coming up soon to look forward too and my Massage is slowly starting to take off which is fantastic.

So nothing to be depressed about …. for this week anyway  šŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “New Plans…..

  1. sally

    yep sure it will all work out eventually but somedays its a stuggle to believe it will šŸ™

    James.. I know Tesco is sad.. but it offers me security

    Cherrypie…. all a bit of a mess not sure if i should get car or keep money incase house comes up in Downham market šŸ™

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