Depressing and Disappointing….

My eldest son is still out of work and today another job came up in the Tesco where I work.

My manager asked me straight away if he wanted the job….but as he has no way of getting there I had to say no 🙁

My youngest son had a call from the Army careers office,he’s through to the next stage  and needs to book an appointment for his interview.

He’s now decided he doesn’t want to go any further with his application 🙁

If I was a drinker I would be hitting the Gin bottle tonight, instead I think I will go for a jog, even though its raining and I have just had my hair done 🙁

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10 thoughts on “Depressing and Disappointing….

  1. Gledwood

    When kids are frustrating and disappointing or find themselves in such circumstances:~ they’re just doing their job. Like the police being obnoxious or politicians inept… It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry and sooner or later their careers shall be fully woven to the grandest of designs. Just you mark my words!

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  3. Michelle Waitzman

    If you don’t want to hit the bottle, there’s always chocolate!

    I’m having trouble finding work myself, but you just have to keep believing that a change in luck is just around the next corner! I hope they both find something soon.

  4. jmb

    Very frustrating I know but I’m sure they will eventually get there. In the meantime try not to tear your hair out.

  5. elaine williams

    i know how frustrating kids can be. michael’s on his final warning at tcat because of time keeping, he’s decided he doesn’t want to go back next year, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do instead! he’s working part time at asda but like andrew he can only get to work if i can take him which limits his options. i can fully understand your feelings xxxx

  6. Leslie

    Gee, what can I say that the others have already said? So disappointing for you, and for them as well.

    Keep your eye out for a good bloke for me. ;D

  7. Anne

    Oh Sally, what a shame …first for Andrew, who just can;t get there…and Matthew, why has he decided not too….you must be pretty upset, thought he wanted to do it…he should have another think, see what happens in the next round..I would still have a Gin and Tonic..

  8. Ellee

    Sally, I can imagine how you feel, I’m so sorry. Next month Andrew will hopefully have passed his driving test and then he can search for a job he really wants. And Matthew needs to be totally sure about the Army, it’s better not to rush these things and realise you have made a mistake.
    And go on, have a glass or two of wine tonight.

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