First Class Tea.

I often enjoy a cup of herbal tea, and I usually just buy the herbal tea 055

Caroline told me about a shop in Cambridge called First Class Teas and recommended that I try one of their herbal teas.

So before I came home Geoff and I went to have a look.

I could not resist trying their Piña Colada tea, not only did it look delicious but smelt fantastic too.

I was not disappointed it tastes divine far better than any other herbal tea I have ever had.

I think I will be paying them another visit soon :-)   

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10 thoughts on “First Class Tea.

  1. sally

    Will … many thanks for your comment, I was in your shop again at the weekend to get some more tea πŸ™‚

    Hopefull I will never need your mail order service as I hope to always have a reason to be in Cambridge at weekends.

    You sure do have a real nice shop and I hope to get round to trying all your fruity teas…. there is an orange one I especially like the sound of.

  2. Will

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to our little shop in Cambridge. If you like, we can ship you the very same fruity joys by mail – just ring us up or order on the website at
    (p.s. in case you are wondering why our website isn’t as sleek and ‘chic’ as some others… we kept it simple so you don’t have to pay for the branding costs when you buy the tea. The tea is just as good without a fancy bag!)

  3. Leslie

    I’ve decided I like good old black tea – like Red Rose (only in Canada, eh?). I used to take it clear, but after spending so long with friends in England, now have it strong and put milk in it. I drink a pot a day! Cheers! πŸ˜€

  4. Boni Sones

    Well, I agree tea is wonderful but I am hooked on the old Earl Grey, it’s good you are trying the new. How do you get smiley bades on comments, they’re cool.

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