They do care…….

Arrived home today to be greeted with a really really nice Mothers day card fromblog 020 my boys.

They always pick nice cards but the words on this one are extra nice.

I also got a nice practical gift one for all of us….

The DVD the Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

When it was on TV they had remembered how upset I was when I could not get our DVD player to record.

I enjoyed their other DVD the Long Way Round so I am sure I will enjoy this one too.

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3 thoughts on “They do care…….

  1. Anne

    Pleased your boys remembered…surely you didn;t think that they would forget!!!

    Had my both boys here on Saturday and then Sunday Jonathan, who cooked..great having the chef back!! Shame I wasn’t on top form.

    I have never watched Long Way Round so cannot say which is the best, I enjoyed the Long Way Down though.

  2. Leslie

    Had not remembered that Mother’s Day is this time of year for you in Britain. Ours is in May. Glad your boys remembered after all.

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