Swollen balls and itching spots…

Tomorrow my 19 year old son is having day surgery for a Varicocele, other wise known as a varicose vein in his testicle.

As you can imagine he is getting quite nervous about it .

His girlfriend is going in with him to hold his hand….

It would cost me a days wages to pay for car parking so I will just collect them when he is ready to come home.

I expect I will spend the day worrying about him 🙁

My 16 year old son has not been feeling very well over the week-end.

Today he woke to find himself covered in spots and this afternoon it was confirmed by the doctor that he has got chickenpox .

I don’t make a very good nurse………

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8 thoughts on “Swollen balls and itching spots…

  1. Foxy Mars

    I wish I got the dreaded Chickenpox at 19, instead of 51. Boy, did it give me hell, not nice at all. Spots were everywhere, even on the soles of feet and my manhood.

  2. sally

    Julie, thanks for coming by… matthew is doing ok but has a bad fever and sore throat as the spots are even in his mouth and throat.

  3. sally

    Matthew has more spots than i have ever seen… not an inch on his face is clear… he will not let me take a photo, and i will never ever get him out the house till every single one has gone 🙁

    jmb, both my boys had chickenpox when they were young but matthew not very bad….so he is paying for it now.Maybe my muffins stuck because I tried to get them out before they had cooled.

  4. jmb

    I’m sure they’ll both be fine eventually. I can’t believe there is someone who got to 16 without catching chicken pox. Did he never get the vaccine?
    By the way Sally I used my silicone muffin pans without doing a thing to them and the muffins came out just fine, without sticking. I remembered why I did not like the pans, because they did not brown the muffins so well and I had to cook them longer. The metal conducts the heat so much better. I also do not like that they are not rigid and when unmoulding the muffins dropped one on the floor!

  5. sally

    Hi Elaine…. great to hear from you as always, yes sure andrew will be fine…just feling guilty now as maybe i should of taken the day off work.

  6. elaine williams

    hi sally, try not to worry about andrew he’ll be fine. i work in the urology theatre at the minute and his procedure is routine. hope matthew is feeling better soon x

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