Amazing service…

I now have a brand new pair of Asolo Fugitive Gtx Walking boots, thanks to the fantastic customer service I received from Russell at Field and Trek in Cambridge.


The stitching had began to come apart on my Asolo Flame walking boots and as they were just under a year old I decided I would return them to Field and Trek.

At the best I expected they would send them away for re-stitching.

Imagine my amazement when they offered me a refund or a new pair of boots.

As they had no Asolo flames in my size I decided to try the Asolo fugitive and found them a good fit maybe even better then the flames.

As they were on sale I even had some credit so used that to get 2 new pairs of socks, they even took 10% off the price of these …. so it cost me a total of ₤1.50 for new boots and 2 pairs of smart wool socks.

Now I need a good walk to test them out 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Amazing service…

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  3. sally

    Hi Ellee yes they knew all about my walking….and boots that cost £110 are designed for far more walking than I had done 🙂 which is why i returned them.

  4. Ellee

    That’s great service. How will I keep up with you now? Did you tell them how many miles and coutnries you walked in them, btw? You probably outwalked their natural life expectancy. Even Geoff has to buy new boots, they can’t last for ever. 😉

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