A Mountain of Muffin’s

Double Chocolate…..Cranberry and Nut…..Cheese and onion.

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After what jmb said in my comments here I did not spray my silicone tray with oil…. not a good idea as they all stuck :-(   but boys still enjoyed eating them  🙂

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4 thoughts on “A Mountain of Muffin’s

  1. jmb

    Oh no Sally, I’m sorry but mine did not stick at all. I just checked on line and they are all supposed to be guaranteed non-stick forever. If you have to spray them then I would rather use the metal pans, which I do, since they are more stable to load and unload into the oven. Although I did put the silicone ones on a cookie sheet. I just found them no better than the metal. I’ll try mine again next time I make them.
    Good muffins.

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