Spring is coming….

This morning before I left Cambridge we went for a stroll round the Botanic Gardens.

It was a fresh crisp sunny day and  a delight to see all the plants starting to come alive.

I especially enjoyed walking round the Glass house and seeing the beautiful Orchids.

We had a coffee enjoying the sunshine and the singing birds.

The Botanic Gardens are free on week days from October to March, so there is no excuse not to take a walk and enjoy these gardens.

Botanic Gardens Cambridge 002 Botanic Gardens Cambridge 003 Botanic Gardens Cambridge 005

 Botanic Gardens Cambridge 007

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4 thoughts on “Spring is coming….

  1. sally

    Michael…. I would love to visit Kew gardens its in my list along with the art galeries.

    Geoff/ jmb, yes pleased with photos as taken with phone and downloaded so easy now i have got rid of VISTA


    Sally: One of my best friends is a botanist, tree surgeon and a horticulturist who attended Kew. He was from Chesshire!

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