Setting the wheels in motion….

While in Cambridge yesterday I took Matthew’s application form to the Army careers office.

By the time I arrived home Sgt John Chivers had phoned,asking me to ring him back to arrange for Matthew to go for his entrance test’s.

He is now all booked in for Thursday at 1.30 and can expect to be there for about 3 hours.

He should have no problem with these test’s but getting his fitness up to standard is another matter.

I paid for his gym membership and we have been going 3 times a week, his brother helps push him but at the end of the day he has to do it himself.

This is where he really could do with his Dad, who was very fit and would soon knock him into shape.

He has to run a mile and a half aiming for 10mins.. yesterday on the running machine it took him 14 min’s. I wish he would run outside but I cannot talk him into it yet !!

Press ups will be the biggest challenge , 44 in 2 min’s, he can barely do 10 but I did ask the army guys for advise yesterday, they say I have to get him to work till his arms drop then rest a min then work till arms drop again repeating this for about 20mins.

99% of the time I think the foundation college at Harrogate will be fantastic for Matthew , give him opportunities he would never get if he stayed here.

The other 1% of me is scared,scared of being left here on my own……… but don’t tell anyone that as I would never admit to it.

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4 thoughts on “Setting the wheels in motion….

  1. Ellee

    Good luck Matthew, I’m sure he will pass with flying colours, his mum is a great role model.

    And yes Sally, I have that same fear too when my boys leave home. So make sure you enjoy every moment of their company now, go out bowling together or do whatever they enjoy as a family, you will never again be able to capture these last few months together.

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