An exciting week-end ahead…

As most of you know Anne and I have been very good friends for a very long time.

We met while living at RAF St Athan in Wales, I left there in 1998 and have only seen her once in all this time maybe about 6 years ago.

I have been through some very hard times during this time and she has always been there for me, always at the end of the telephone or on-line to chat, a true friend.

This week-end we are meeting up in Cambridge to have a girlie week-end and I am so excited about seeing her.

Plans are to shop, eat, drink, watch a film, have a sauna,walk to the tea rooms at Grantchester and I will also treat her to a massage.

I have got kippers for her breakfast, and mussels for her dinner cooked in white wine and herbs served with fresh crusty bread.

It will be a great reunion …  and so very kind of Geoff to let me invite her to Cambridge 🙂

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2 thoughts on “An exciting week-end ahead…

  1. Anne

    Yes what a great weekend it will be…yes Sally the last time we saw each other was when I went to Marham to see you. Trying to decide what to pack..not good at this, least it’s not a back pack LOL Big Thank You to Geoff. x

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