The Perfect Client..

Last night as you know by now was college and massage course night.

First we had to get our test on the blood circulatory system out the way , I had revised hard all day as it included two diagrams that we had to label.One was of the heart.

It was also explained to us how our assessments will work.

Basically we decide when we want to start being assessed, enter our name in a book fill out all the paper work and away we go. Caroline ( our tutor ) will then discretely watch and asses us .

The sooner we start being assessed the better really as then we will find out where we are going wrong and have plenty of time to correct it. There is no limit to the amount of times we can be assessed either.

I think most of us have decided after half term would be a good time to start.

My client last night, was the kind of private client I would like.

Chatty, encouraging and she made it clear that she enjoyed the massage which was very good for my confidence.

My client and her husband are booked in every week now till the end of the course, so I expect I will get the chance to massage her husband too.

If Kathryn is not quick to book a massage at the college she may be disappointed as the beds are filling up fast.

I now have my Sally in Norfolk business cards so will soon be on the look out for my first clients.

Almost forgot, I passed my test with 14 out of 16 so all in all a great evening…

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