If Only….

If only I lived in Downham Market

I could walk to work

I could walk to the gym

I could go swimming and walk to the Library

I could walk to the Train station

I could see my friends out side of work, and join them at aerobics.

And that’s how I feel today….  🙁

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12 thoughts on “If Only….

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  6. sally

    2 more reasons to live in Downham Market…
    it would make my journey to Cambridge 20 miles shorter and half hour quicker.
    It would be so much easier for Geoff to visit me..

  7. sally

    Michael, I wont stop hoping that one day it will be possible…. also i saw the photos of your friends on your flickr and I know just where their house is …. a beautiful spot…..

  8. Michael

    I know a couple who live in a converted barn in/just outside Downham Market, opposite, I think the old church that appears in that page about Downham Market you linked to. It seems like there are big advantages to living there. Is it feasible? Somehow?

  9. Philip

    We all care but it is easier if you can walk or cycle around and only use a car for long journeys to places not easily accessible by train/bus. Much better to by in Les Gets and use the ski lifts!

  10. sally

    Ellee and Anne…. I am happy very happy just got myself upset over a stupid thing today….. all is better now, thanks for caring x

  11. Ellee

    Sally, life is full of “if onlys”, so why not write 5 reasons why you are happy with life, as indeed I know you are 99% of the time.

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