Loosing the Lbs but not the Pounds

Like most people, after Christmas I always have a few extra Lbs I need to loose.

Not helped, this year by my week in Les Gets and all those Vin Chaud’s to keep me warm on the slopes.

I didn’t feel I needed to go back to slimming world, as I was in the right frame of mind to do it on my own.

So I decided I would go back to an old favorite of mine, who just happened to have a new book out.rosemary

For almost a week now I have been following Rosemary Conley’s  GI Hip and Thigh Diet its been easy and I have lost 2lb so far.

Her book has become my bible it goes everywhere with me.

It has 4 weeks of set daily menus if you want to follow them or sections on breakfast, lunch and dinners if you want to make your own daily menus.

It also has some great recipes to help you along.

One of my favorite recipes so far has been the Potato and Broccoli soup:-

1 red onion

115g of potato chopped

2 gloves of garlic

1.2 liters of veg stock

225g Broccoli

Place onion, potato and  garlic in a saucepan pour in the vegetable stock bring to boil then simmer till potatoes are cooked.

Add Broccoli and cook till tender blend till smooth , season before serving.

This is enough for 4 servings…. but Matthew liked it so much he almost polished it all off in one go.

The book cost £3.49 from amazon , money well spent I think.

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2 thoughts on “Loosing the Lbs but not the Pounds

  1. sally

    I would rate it 10 out of 10 but i expect its only good if it suits you …. easy for me because most of the time i only have me to cook for 🙁 and I am used to low fat cooking and eating

  2. Anne

    How do you rate this book then Sally….Might give it a go…even though Arni and I have both lost weight since the new year 🙂

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