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Many years ago I used to read and read… all romantic rubbish books but they were my escape from the real world and I loved them.

Then there was a time when I could not read at all as by the time I got to the end of the page I had forgotten what I had read at the beginning of that page. A very frustrating time.

I am sure that must say something about me and how I felt during that period of my life …maybe Emily could tell me her theory, as she is so into psychology.

A year or so ago I decided I wanted to start reading again, but all the books I tried just didn’t interest me then I realized maybe my tastes had changed.

A friend recommended I tried a thriller by Greg ILes called sleep no more,and  I loved it,the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen kept me interested and kept me turning the pages.

My love of thriller books has gone on from there I especially liked Tell No One by Harlan Coben, infact my boys got me the film for Christmas as I had been disappointed to miss it at the cinema.

I have yet to watch the film so cannot comment on wether its as good as the book.

At the moment I am reading Land of the Living by Nicci French and enjoying it very much I just hope I wont be disappointed with the ending , like I was with the last of her books that I read.

Once I find an author I like I usually tend to read a few of their books until I get bored with them or someone else recommends something new to me.

I just wish I could read faster……

So what are you reading at the moment and what would you recommend ?????

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5 thoughts on “Reading Material..

  1. Emily

    Hehe i’m not sure i have a psychological explanation for that one Sally. My guess would be you had a lot on your mind and you were thinking of that not actually reading the book. The words don’t register in your head because you’re thinking of something completely irrelevant. It happens to me when i’ve been reading for ages or I’m reading something really boring. You hear the individual words in your head but you don’t actually piece any of them together because you’ve been day dreaming 😛

  2. jmb

    I think Greg Iles is an excellent writer and I have all his books, even the latest, although not yet read. I like Nicci French too. You might like Elizabeth George who wrote all the Inspector Lynley mysteries, some of which they made into TV shows. They are best read in order.
    At the moment I’m reading a book called Pilate’s Wife, can’t remember the author. A great Roman saga. Good luck with your reading again.

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