Just like new…

Had my Clio delivered back to me yesterday.

Excellent service from Leeders once again, they said 3.30 and by the time I got home my car was sat on the drive with the guy waiting for me.

All  I had ben worried about was not having time to wash the car but when I mentioned this they just laughed at me and said I should not worry as I should see the state some cars are returned in.007

I signed a few bits of paper, he told me all work was guaranteed and what a lovely lady I was.

I cannot praise Leeders enough what a great company to deal with.I never once had to chase them up about anything if they said it was going to be done then it was.

As for my car well it looks all shiny and new, drives just like before although its now desperate for its front brakes to be done.

So I can look for my new car in my own time although I am sure its going to be the Peugeot 207 in Lacerta green, would truly love the alloy wheels but not sure if I should.

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8 thoughts on “Just like new…

  1. Ian

    Sally, if you decide against alloys, invest a couple of pounds in strong tie-wraps,and double attach your wheel trims.

  2. sally

    Ellee I may end up in jail if i let Matthew drive my car…. hes only 16 lol Andrew is still having lessons… passed his theory but lack of money at the min has slowed the lessons down. My Clio will be his once he passes. Untill
    then no one drives my car except for Geoff of course šŸ™‚

    Sam & Ian…. Alloys are beautiful but i could put that money to much better use…. shall have to see what mood I am in when i order car….

  3. Ian

    Ditto!, get the alloys.
    I have a Peugeot 307,with Alloys,and last Friday my wife filled it up with Petrol.
    ( unfortunately, it’s a Diesel.) her head must have been in shopping mode!
    She only travelled 200 yards to some shops, and when she came out, the car refused to start!
    Apparently,there is a clever sensor installed, and will not start the engine if “contamination” of the fuel is detected.(there must have been enough clean diesel to get her that 200 yards)
    The Total bill was ƂĀ£260 for draining, flushing, cleaning etc, and filling it up again.
    I’m lucky, without this sensor,the engine might well have blown, and i would be looking at ƂĀ£3000 for a new engine.
    The warranty doesn’t cover ladies with shopping on their minds.

  4. Ellee

    Are you going to let Matthew drive it Sally? Great flickr pics, I’m so pleased you all had a wonderful time and that there was loads of snow.

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