A near miss…..

Now nice and snug in Geoff’s apartment In Les Gets.

Usually we always get the bus into the Train station but I decided we would have a treat and booked a Streamline taxi for us.

This morning it did not feel like a treat when the Streamline Taxi I had booked for 8am did not turn up till 8.35am. Our train left at 8.55am and even if we had flown we would never have got there in time.

There attitude was unbelievable, telling me they could not predict the traffic, my reply to that was that I could, which is why I booked a taxi for an hour before I needed to be at train station. 

My only option was to get him to take me to Ely train station instead… when he radioed in the reply was “Its people like me that make the taxis run late” well I can tell you I almost had a heart attack then.

I asked for a reduced fare to Ely but the taxi driver said he could not do that BUT he would take me to the office if I wanted to argue about it… and of course I had plenty of time to be doing that.

Anyway we arrived at Ely train station with 2 min’s to spare, costing me £30 instead of the £8 it would of cost to Kings Lynn station.

I don’t think I will be using Streamline Taxis again for anything that’s really important. As its seems to me that they cannot be relied upon.

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6 thoughts on “A near miss…..

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  2. Mark

    Hey Sally 🙂

    Shame about the taxi, but hopefully it’ll be more than worth it now you’re in Les Gets! 😀 It’s a pity you shan’t be there when Em and I are, but I can’t wait! I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding before… so maybe it’s just aswell I’ve got strong bones :S

    Em and I are pleased to here you’re enjoying yogalates btw 😀

  3. Kathryn

    Always good to know about ‘rubbish’ taxi firms in the local area Sally, so have added Streamline to my list and will tell everyone not to bother using them!
    Glad you are OK now.

  4. Anne

    Good post Sally…the ignorance and down right rudeness of some people!!!! How they are in these jobs, or kept their jobs I don;t know!!!!!

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