Running out of time…

No real blog post for me today.

After taking my son out for lunch, as it was his sixteenth birthday.

It was time to install my new printer and connect my laptop to the network.

As I am beginning to find out NOTHING is easy or SIMPLE with a vista machine.

In fact its so unpredictable you have to laugh else you just might cry.

One day it stays connected another day its on and off every five min’s.

One day it down loads my pictures from my camera,another day it says it cannot find device.

Then on top of that there is the millions of times it crashes for no reason what so ever.

It takes a lot for me to loose my patience but I am beginning too now, but what is the solution. 

Should I put windows XP onto the machine, which I don’t really want to as it feels like it would be going backwards instead of forwards.

Do I upgrade to Vista premium only to find it makes no difference after spending £65.

My Fujitsu Siemens Amilo laptop is less than 6 months old and I am beginning to hate it.

As for my net work printing, PC and laptop both recognize printer,both have sharing on but when it come to printing they have no communication.

In fact the laptop says it needs drivers, which we know it does not as it has printed from this printer before on another network.

5 wasted hours…..


I feel better now  🙂

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4 thoughts on “Running out of time…

  1. jmb

    I haven’t heard much good about Vista and I’m glad that I got my laptop just before it became available. Very frustrating indeed.

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  3. Pete Coombes

    Sally, put XP on it, Vista is a crock of s*&t. The uptake of people changing to Vista has been really slow, less than 25% of what Microsoft predicted due to all the problems with it. If you need a hand putting XP onto it give me a ring.

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