Gold Star

That’s what Norwich Union deserve after the excellent service I have received from them, after my lucky escape

Although the real stars are Tears recovery service from Sutton bridge and the repairing Garage,Leeders of North Elmham.

Leeders delivered my courtesy car to my work before they had even received my car.

I was totally over whelmed by there brilliant service.

Which is more than I can say about Renault.

Who were complete time wasters and could have lost me my courtesy car if I had believed them about getting my a hire car.

Needless to say they have now lost my custom and I wont be buying a new Clio in the new year after all.

Top of my list now is the Volkswagen  polo and the Peugeot 206.

So now I am over the shock and the stress all is well again in my house.

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One thought on “Gold Star

  1. Philip

    This is a story for Radio Norfolk. Have you phoned them? Top blogger in accident, read all about it. It is news. Was the garage surprised by the accident or have they seen a bonetless Clio before?

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