Is the key to a stress free Christmas, I know that and you know that so why do we get so stressed every year.

I hate starting Christmas shopping too early, I leave it till I start to stress then I get it sorted.tree

I make mental notes of what to buy my loved ones, I enjoy buying them things they have mentioned over the months then hopefully forgotten about.

All my gifts are now wrapped,the tree is up, my college test was passed tonight, my assignment is started,  all is going well.

I will ice my cake on Friday, make the mince pies too,  collect the turkey on Saturday, then travel up to Cambridge. 

Just the food shopping to do….

I finally feel like I have it sorted, time to relax and enjoy, if only I could find my nut roast recipe….

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5 thoughts on “Organization

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  3. Ellee

    Well done Sally. I’m still looking for holly with berries for my holly wreath. I hope you and Geoff and all the kids have a great Christmas.

  4. Anne

    I thought I wasn;t organized at all, but presents bought, wrapped, tree up, turkey ordered along with a few other things. Just other food shop to do. Went into Oxford today…very relaxed..not like everyone else 🙂 who were dashing around, and if I have forgotten anything, tough…it is only for one day. And Arni is in charge of the drink !!!! 🙂

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