My Beauty and the one that got away…




I would have liked both of them but could only have one… it was a very hard choice but I decided on the bigger of the two paintings.

So the top one now hangs on my bedroom wall opposite my bed and looks fantastic….

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8 thoughts on “My Beauty and the one that got away…

  1. Ellee

    This is certainly much raunchier than the nude in my bedroom. I’m sure it will give you a lot of pleasure Sally, maybe you can buy the other one after Christmas 😉

  2. jmb

    Well I certainly prefer the one you bought. I don’t care for the second one for it’s not a flattering angle. I liked some of the others on the site too.

  3. Anne

    I love both, and your choice was brill, but I thought you would of gone for the second picture . If I could, would buy one myself!! xxx

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