Worth the wait……

Today after months of waiting I finally took myself and my friend Dorothy off to Mundesley.

The reason for going was to visit Knifepainter in his new studio.

It was well worth the wait and the 100 mile round trip.mundesley

His paintings are even better in real life…..

I especially like his nude oil paintings and this collection in  particular

He only had two paintings left from this collection, both ones I liked , and there was two other smaller paintings I  also liked.

So deciding which one to have was almost an impossible task, they would all look fantastic in my bedroom.

In the end I decided on one from the collection that I had first seen on line.

See if any of you can guess which one I now have hanging on my bedroom wall. ????

He even signed the back “to sally in Norfolk love and best wishes Knifepainter” which I thought was rather cool.

So If your ever up the Norfolk Coast its well worth a visit to Mundesley, you can find Knifepainter( Sam Robbins ) in the high street at the C1 shop, open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm.

He gives a good blogger’s discount too 🙂 and its worth a visit just to meet him !!

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2 thoughts on “Worth the wait……

  1. Ellee

    Sally, Whichever painting you chose, I hope it gives you a lot of pleasure, I have a nude in my bedroom painted by my friend which is very special.

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