Tuning Into Sally

Well what a day, I am well pleased with myself .

Most importantly I really enjoyed my 10 min’s of fame on Radio Norfolk.rh_nav170_norfolk


Nicky and Andy put me at ease and after the first few moments I got over my nerves and really enjoyed the experience

They recorded it for me and I can tell you It was quite weird listening to myself on the car cd player on my way home.

Many Thanks to Phil Daley the producer of the morning show… it was him that first made contact with me.

Thanks to Geoff too, wonder if he realized when he gave me my Christmas gift, just how much I would love it and how much pleasure it would bring me.

I certainly never expected I would end up on the local radio.

Now I wonder what Santa will bring me this year 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Tuning Into Sally

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  5. sally

    Anne, you might well smile….

    Ellee, Yes Geoff gave me my blog but I do all the hard work of writing it….

    Philip, Glad you enjoyed it so much….and yes roll on Sunday

    Geoff, I hope your thinking…. 🙂

  6. Ellee

    Yes, Geoff has done wonders for us both with our blogs, little did I realise what I was letting myself in for either. It is a great experience, but where does the time go!

  7. Geoff

    Well done you came over loud and clear in Dubai 🙂
    Oh dear I had better get my thinking cap ob for a present this year 🙂 🙂

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