Watching the clock

Tonight at massage class we got timed doing our whole body massage for the first time.

It was amazing to see just how far out we were with our timings.

As we went further into the routine we did start to get better.

We have been encouraged to  get ourselves a small travel clock so we can really practice keeping to time now.andrew bunn 005

What I would really like is a music disk, with each piece of music lasting the correct length of time, for each part of the massage.  

This week I got to do two practice massages, one was Andrew , who works at Tesco, the other was John who works with my son.

 Neither of them had ever had a massage before.

Both seemed to enjoy it and have asked when they can have another one.

You can see from the photo how much Andrew enjoyed it, he was fast asleep by the time I had finished

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