On line shopping…

If like me you hate shopping and use the Internet to do most of your Christmas shopping, I expect most of you will be using Amazon at some point.

Having just sent off two orders to Amazon it was reassuring to read that….

“1,000 employees will be working  to ensure everyone gets there pressies delivered on time. 

At least 800,000 gifts will get shipped from there main distribution centre in Milton Keynes and they will be delivering right up till Christmas eve .”

Personally I have always had super service from Amazon and very quick delivery too.

Another great on line shop is 7dayshop.com its brilliant for rechargeable batteries,

 SD cards and memory sticks, take a look I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Then there is play.com fantastic for music and films, no delivery charge makes it even better value.

I know by using just these three sites that I save a lot of money hassle and time.

What’s your favorite Internet shopping site ??

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4 thoughts on “On line shopping…

  1. Anne

    sorry but I love shopping..but I do use Amazon for my books..

    I know my husband uses online shopping for most of his things. He uses.. Dabs for computer things, Screwfix, Amazon and maybe a few others.

  2. jmb

    You don’t have to convince me Sally. I’m a very big online shopper. I even bought the hat pictured on my blog today online from Australia. Today I placed an online order to Amazon.ca too.

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