Christmas carp–The European Feast

I start to get very busy at work soon.xmas

In the lead up to Christmas my fish sales will likely double.

This is due mainly to the great offers I will have on whole salmon and sides of salmon.

Another interesting thing is that this year I will also be selling fresh Carp in the week leading up to Christmas.

Carp is a delicacy for the polish at Christmas so some supermarkets will be selling it this year.which will hopefully prevent poachers depleting British rivers of carp.

I believe the polish usually like there Carp to be alive when they buy it, and would keep it in the bath tub till needed, but thankfully the ones I will be selling will already be dead.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas carp–The European Feast

  1. Simon

    I would like to source carp for my Czech friends who are staying for xmas.

    Live in north essex – so guessing you are not too far away. Can you help please?



  2. Philip

    Barbora has very happy memories of her Father collecting the carp from the market and then playing with it in the bath before her Mother arrived to make it ready for the table. But then they were probably closer to the country than we urbanites are these days. After all nature is lovely when it is “managed”.

  3. Geoff

    And of course one of the reasons that Em didn’t want a Czech Christmas this year is that Renata’s folks still have the carp in the bath at Christmas – she couldn’t face seeing her dinner swimming in the bath.

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