Catch of the day

This caught my eye in the newspaper today.
Its believed to be the largest thresher shark ever caught in the world.
It was caught by mistake while fishing for squid and took a fork lift truck to carry it to Newlyn fish market in Cornwall,where it sold for a mere £225 thats just 20p a pound.

Here’s how you might cook it…..

4 shark steaks
bunch of water cress
one onion
8floz of dry white wine
2floz olive oil
juice of two lemons
3tbsps grated ginger
2tblsp balsamic vinegar

chop the onion and water cress and mix well with the remaining ingredients.
pour the marinade over the steaks and leave for between 2 and 24 hours in the fridge.
remove steaks and place under a grill for 4 to 5 mins each side.
serve with rice…

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