Time for a change..

Today I had myself booked in with the gym instructor to update my gym program .

As usual I had become bored with the weight training machines and was doing an hour of cardio then coming home.

I know you achieve nothing by getting stuck in a rut….

The gym instructor I had certainly knew her stuff and how to motivate me.

I now have a little circuit program.gym ball

!5 min’s cardio followed by weights then 15 min’s cardio followed by weights and so on…

Using mainly free weights and the gym ball, this time it also includes squats and lunges, if I am going skiing in January I have to build theses muscles up.

It includes exercises I can easily do at home and at Geoff’s using his gym ball.

I also got my hands slapped as I never cool down or stretch, something that I know is real important especially as you get older.

The other bit of advice I was given was to find a gym buddy as this always makes it easier to train… but this has been an impossible task for me  🙁

This evening I must have used all the muscles I am struggling to learn for my massage course, maybe if I thought of them in terms of weight training I would find it easier…

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