Geoff’s new toy..

While out shopping today we could not resist going to have a look at the new iphone.I phone 001

I think Geoff was trying to avoid the 02 shop but I insisted we went and had a look.  

To my surprise I liked it straight away, maybe the most coolest phone I have ever seen.

I loved the scrolling screen and the ease of the touch screen keypad.

With in minutes Geoff was buying one and its all my fault 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Geoff’s new toy..

  1. sally

    Hi Dee ,you must be getting better with the technology cus i remember a time when you would never have left a comment here. :-)… looking forward to seing you on thursday x ( wondering if i should bring my massage table )

  2. Dee

    must have missed you in J.Lewis – pity.
    I was also looking at the iphone – loved it but can’t afford it just yet!
    It must be appealing, cause you know what I’m like with technology – a bit of a phobic.

  3. sally

    Hi fake consultant.. here the phone contract is £35 a month which gives you 200 txt… 200 mins and “unlimited data” and contract is for 18 month.

    Beaman.. yes i will have to wait for quite some time before i can get one too, in the mean time at least i have Geoff’s to play with 🙂

  4. Beaman

    I’ve seen adverts for it and must say it looks fantastic. So very tempting, I need to save up for next Christmas!

  5. fake consultant

    out of curiousity, how are you billed for the data useage?

    in the states, we are billed for voice and data as two services, and it’s tough to justify paying for two internet services (pc and iphone), which has kept me from reaching out to the new toy.

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