Back of the body

Update on my massage course..

We have now covered the arms, neck and chest, stomach , front of legs and back of legs.

I can almost do the whole routine from memory,and its getting better every week.

next week is the fun week when we cover the bottom before moving onto th250px-Sternocleidomastoideuse back.

Just as I know the whole routine Geoff will be off to Dubai so I will have to find someone else to practice on during December.

I will have to keep practicing as in January we open our doors as a salon and will  be giving massages to the public… well those that dare to come and book a massage.

On the theory side we are now covering muscles…this is much harder than the Bones…with names like Sternocleidomastiod I have trouble pronouncing  them let alone remembering what they do and where they are in the body.

BUT I will learn them and I will pass the theory because I am just loving this course.

I have had my turn with Steven.. the 19 year old life guard ,now its time to let the other girls have there turn with him  🙂

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  1. sally

    The weather is very wild here tonight but I am far enough away from the sea to be safe from flooding…. But when its so windy i do get a bit scared of having a power cut….

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