A strange coincidence

As I was getting my uniform washed and ironed ready to start back at college, on my massage course.

My son pointed something out to me.

 The Four main jobs I have had during my life all involve wearing a uniform….


2) Waitress

3) Tesco

4) Masseur ( well hopefully ) 

Now I wonderpaddy 007 what this says about me…17inuniform


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6 thoughts on “A strange coincidence

  1. sally

    Anne I am, after many years of heart ache you know how happy I now am.. and i love my massage course too

    Knifepainter… pic of me in my best blue was taken many many years ago in 1978 just after my passing out parade 🙂

  2. Ellee

    Sally, you look fabulous, it’s so smart and crisp. The advantage of wearing a uniform is that it saves you fretting about what to wear in the mornings. And how have you managed to maintain your slim figure over the years, I bet you could still fit into your WRAF uniform.

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