Once a friend always a friend…

Tonight I finally made contact with some mislaid friends.

I lost touch with them when I had to move away from RAF Marham

As a married couple they were probably the only good friends we had.we went walking together and he went running with my late husband. In fact they did the only ever Edinburgh marathon together in 1999.paddy 005

I thought about them often and wanted desperately to go and see them when my late husband died but the time was never right and it would have been too emotional.

When my boys finally received  some of there fathers belongings mixed in with it all ,was this medal for the Edinburgh marathon. 

 I found an old e-mail address for them yesterday and mailed but expected nothing in return as the address was so old, then tonight out the blue I received an e-mail back with a phone number.

This time I did not hesitate and rang them straight away.

It was wonderful to talk to them and I have now shed a few tears but not in sorrow this time…….

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5 thoughts on “Once a friend always a friend…

  1. Dave & Sadie

    Sally, it was wonderful for us. We both were thrilled when the e-mail arrived – the phone call was the iceing.

  2. elaine williams

    hi sally.i know i’ve not been in touch recently but i’ve been reading about your adventures. would be great to speak, i was so very sorry and shocked to hear about dave. please get in touch xxxx

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