Front of body..

We have now finished learning the massage sequences for the front of the body.

This includes the arms, neck and chest as well as the abdomen and legs.

we have also covered consultation forms and doctor  referral letters.

Tonight we spent the whole evening practicing,which was an excellent way to finish off for half term.

I worked with a different girl tonight which was also very interesting….she is doing the course so she can massage her HORSE, which I found quite amusing to say the least ( wondering how massaging me compares to massaging her horse 🙂 )

We now have a week off then go back to start learning the sequences for the back of the body.

we shall also be leaving behind the bones of the body and moving onto the muscles.

My massage table got delivered today so there should be no stopping me now…….( wonder who is first on my list )

massage 001 massage 002

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3 thoughts on “Front of body..

  1. adwin

    enjoy your new leant art – i have starting practising on my volutnteers – they dont know what they are into as yet – have fun – if you need a massage email – I will be ITEC qualified

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