A few more clues….

Well as I needed to know what to pack I just had to ask Geoff about my Mystery holiday….

I now know we fly from Luton on Monday at 6am… and will be away a full week.

I think we are going to 2 places one warm one maybe cold…..

Pack walking stuff, walking sandals, maybe boots, jeans, and posh girlie skirt and shoes….

Now the wicked bit only hand luggage so I have to pack very light….

I thought about all my toiletries and nice perfume…. Geoff said don’t pack any buy it when we get there….

Packing always stresses me as I never know what to pack….none of my clothes match… Girlie skirt with walking jacket  !!!!!

Everyone is so desperate to find out where I am going… that’s people from work… friends, my boys, my mum and Dad, and people from massage course too.

So I have told them all to read my blog on Monday…..

Tomorrow I will be unbearable at work, then home, pack and off to Cambridge…and another adventure begins.

I have never had a surprise like this before… it feels Fantastic and it goes with out saying that I am bursting with excitement.

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6 thoughts on “A few more clues….

  1. sally

    Liz… I dont wear hardly any makeup but never go anywhere with out my lipstick !!! leaving packing till an hour before i leave for cambridge then i wont have time to stress too much …

  2. Liz

    If you’re only taking hand luggage, don’t forget you can’t take bottles or sharp things like tweezers – or even possibly still lipstick. I asked – with a smile – an airline person what you could possibly do with lipstick and she gave me a dirty look and very seriously explained about the possibilities.

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