Abdomen and front of legs…

Tonight at my massage class after a recap on the arms,neck and chest massage we learnt how to massage the Abdomen.bone

This massage involved a new technique called Vibrations… its quite a hard move to master and will need lots of practice.

We also got a demonstration on how to massage the front of the legs but had no time to practice this till next week.

The theory this week was about the bones and skeletal system. We also covered the Vertebral column too. 

Home work is to start learning the names of all the bones and their different functions….we also have to learn the parts of the vertebral column and how many bones in each section.

We had to change round partners tonight so we get used to working with people we don’t really know and of course no two bodies are the same so its good practice too. 

I have a few people now who are willing to let me practice on them…..so my search for a good massage table must begin.

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