Worth waiting for….


Finally tonight after weeks of waiting the film Atonement started  in Kings Lynn.

So I took myself off to the cinema  with a box of tissues.

It was well worth the wait as I really enjoyed the film and it was a good job I took those tissues.

It has a brilliant ending !!!

If you have not already been to see it I can highly recommend it.

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3 thoughts on “Worth waiting for….

  1. sally

    Hi Ellee shame about tomorrow you will miss out on a neck and chest massage but there is always another time…….
    I have my DVD all set to tape that programme for Geoff after seeing it advertised yesterday i knew he would want to see it…..

  2. Ellee

    Sally, I agree, the ending wasn’t what I expected.

    Can you tape Stuart: A Life Backwards for Geoff this evening, 9pm on BBC 2, I know he would like to see it.

    Did you get my twitter message, I shall be working tomorrow, but I hope you have a lovely walk today. I will give you a call.

    I am now eagerly waiting to see
    Michael Clayton, out next weekend:

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