Wicken fen…..

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with fellow blogger Ellee…..

After setting her phone up so she can now twitter from her mobile and receivewalk 025

twitters to her mobile, we went off on a nice walk, round Wicken fen .

The weather was warm and windy making it a great day for a walk… I love walking in the wind it always makes you feel so fresh and alive…. 

I also logged her back into Flickr, face book, her stat counter and tried so hard to get her Google reader working but had no luck as we could not get the correct password…

I had a great day and hope next time I visit her she will let me practice my massage techniques out on her

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2 thoughts on “Wicken fen…..

  1. Ellee

    Yes Sally, it was a fab day, and thanks for your help re twitter. Ashamed to say I haven’t done it via the mobile since, I wasn’t very good at it when I tried, then I was rushed off my feet.

    The massage sounds great too, I could do with one now.

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