Following Geoff (days 12/13/14)


Well Geoff got through the scary bit,”the awesome chemin De la Mature” is how he described it.He then carried on to walk a 17 mile day with 5000ft of ascent and 4000ft of descent, it was so cold at the top that he got his white fingers,but he soon warmed up when he reached Gabas.

The following day he had a vertical climb of nearly a mile not helped by the changing weather a mixture of sunshine and thunderstorms. After walking 16 miles he came to the refuge in Gourette.(which is a ski station)

This morning he left Gourette in awful weather conditions with poor visibility, I presume he is now at Arrens-Marsous.No News from him since this morning but I put that down to the bad weather conditions……Sure we will hear from him tomorrow.

Someone sent me a link today from the Times…. Pyrenees: walkers paradise  a must read…..

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One thought on “Following Geoff (days 12/13/14)

  1. Geoff

    Now in Cauterets trying to use an azerty keyboard. The problems with twitters is that the cellphone reception goes in the remote valleys where the trail tends to go.
    Off to eat now….

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