Its a Mystery…

I have started to think about my surprise holiday or should I say panic about my surprise holiday…

As far as I know we go away 2 weeks today, only a few days after Geoff gets home from the Pyrenees.

I dropped it into our conversation last night when he rang me…. all I got was pack light no more than 10kg ,wear walking kit and its high so could be cold…..

I have tried to get some information from Emily but she is not playing in fact this is what she had to say….

“Urm well…. I would be the biggest traitor ever if I told you, all I’ll say is you are going to LOVE it. I don’t like dad’s usual holiday activities but even I would DIE to go on this one it’s just stunning and breath taking and you’re going to have an amazing time :D”

Don’t know about you but I am going to burst with excitement soon…. not only am I excited about Geoff coming home but what a surprise I have to look forward to as well….

Any one like to take a guess at where I will be going and what I will be doing ???

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7 thoughts on “Its a Mystery…

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  3. ladymacleod

    I have no idea, but what fun! Not only the romantic surprise holliday but you get all the anticipation as well. We shall all want details, sounds like something from the bestseller list to me..

  4. Ellee

    He did hint at it once, but I’m not sure any mind, bearing in mind what you told me about the clothes you need to take. I know it will be fab. And it won’t be long.

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