Following Geoff (day8/9)


This is where Geoff was on his 8th day of walking,

 “St Engrace: a fairly basic gite with a bar and *great* evening meal (don’t miss!) 30 places. 0559 286 163. The church is wonderful. The walk into St Engrace along the road is to be avoided if the weather is hot.”

Although the meal was great it was not veggie !!!


Tonight he is here at Pierre St Martin,

” a long but steady climb through beautiful woods. Markings on the hill above are faint – we got slightly lost. You can buy sheep’s cheese (fromage de brebis) from the shepherd at the Col. I lived on the stuff for lunches. In any case ask to see his underground storage room *full* of cheeses. The ski station is a bit of a shock, and  the gite (a ski chalet) is the only place to stay, I think you should book here. 19 places 0559 661 446. The owner was quite a sportsman.”

Geoff did not book ahead so is sleeping in his tent again tonight.

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