Thoughtful friends.

My friend Anne, has done a little post about the gift I sent 004

What she doesn’t tell you is that while she was in Cambridge,she left a gift with Geoff for me.

At the time I was deeply upset because I could not get to Cambridge to see her but getting her gift brightened my day.

She had made me a nice ceramic mug and decorated it with pretty Wellington boots,Inscribed on the bottom is “made for sally by Anne 2007”

Its too nice to use for drinking out, and it may get broken when washing up, so I have it on my computer desk as my pen/pencil holder.


I also received another unexpected gift too.

Emily (Geoff’s daughter) and her boyfriend Mark gave me a  jar of  honey roasted seeds , which they had got from a herb farm they had visited while on holiday in Cornwall.They tasted delicious but what made them so special was that they were called ” sally’s sensational seeds “

Notice the Jar is now empty…..

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