Geoff’s Route


This is Geoff’s walking route, plotted on Memory map and put into his GPS.

He has marked all the refuges onto the route.

There are plenty of them so no need to take his tent just a bivvy bag,this will keep the weight of his ruc-sac well down.

His average walking day seems to be around 13 miles,although there are some shorter days.

Knowing Geoff he will try to double up a few days,and try to get as far as he can as quick as he can.

He has new walking boots…lets hope they are comfortable and give him no blisters,as I wont be there this time to massage cream into his feet every night 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Geoff’s Route

  1. Ellee

    Sally, I think Geoff will want a rest when he returns, so don’t read too much into that, he just wants you to stay in shape, that’s my guess..

  2. sally

    Yes 2 phone calls… Last night he was tired but all was well , today he says its a perfect beautiful sunny September day and the countryside is fantastic.
    So looks like a good start to a great walk……..

    If only I could find out what “my Treat” is in October 🙂 before he went he just told me to train hard while he was away !!!!

  3. Geoff

    Soon be packed I guess. Looking forward to all those thermal spa’s en-route. Should be back on Friday 28th September- if it goes to plan 🙂

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