An early Birthday present…..

Arrived in Cambridge on Friday evening to be told I had a present waiting in the bed for me!!!

Now that alone made me think I was a lucky girl but when I went to see what was waiting for me I got the surprise of my life.

In fact it took me a few moments to realize what it was,as at first all I saw was a box.

Then it sunk in and I realized it was a FUJITSU SIEMENS LAPTOP

I wanted to cry but just about managed to stop myself, then I just could not believe it was really for me.

Once I had calmed down and realized it really was for me I had the biggest smile you have ever seen, and its been there ever since.

BTW…any one who wants to send me a Birthday card ….its 4th October…   🙂

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4 thoughts on “An early Birthday present…..

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  2. sally

    Philip… very fond memories of the old laptop it served me well and made my life so much easier, i will always be very grateful.I know some one who is missing it very much too !!

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