A day free from stress

My mum and dad came to visit today and brought my young nephew too, they came to see how I was bearing up under the stress .

We went to Swaffham for a fish and chip lunch at Mother Hubbards , the fish and chip restaurant where my son works.

He has worked there since he was 16 and now works there full time. Walking 3 miles every day so he can catch a bus  8 miles into Swaffham.images

Have to agree with knifepainter here , the best fish and chips are from Norfolk.

We then played cards in the afternoon and had a laugh, and  I was able to forget the troubles we have at the moment.

Feeling stronger again now and realize I must at least try and fight these people who are trying to take away what is rightfully my boys.

Off to the gym now to burn off some of those fish and chips…..

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