The End…..

cover The voting ended tonight for the Blogpower Awards…

Many thanks to everyone that voted for me especially all my walking pals from the Forums….

Many thanks to Sicily Scene too who made it so much fun… I peaked too early yesterday and she deservingly won.

You can see all the results here

For me the best thing about these Blogpower Awards, were getting to visit blogs I would not usually visit… my reading list has grown quite a lot.

Now I must go and concentrate on climbing real mountains in Corsica.

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6 thoughts on “The End…..

  1. sally

    OMG.. Lady m, what have I done to upset you……aahhh now I see.. last episode to watch of series one…tonight before i pack !!

  2. lady macleod

    You are in so much trouble with me! I have told the world, all right the part of the world who reads my blog, of your cunning and deceit. You wicked, wicked woman! 🙂

  3. Anne

    Never mind Sally, it was a good fight, and maybe next time. At least you got into the running.

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