Bathroom….Stage one.

After getting off to a scary start with them saying we will patch this up and that up, which left me with images of a patched up bathroom.

Then seeing them take a hammer and literally smash up my old bathroom.

It now seems to be turning out ok.

Old flooring was taken out and new lino will be laid, a good 1/4 of my tiles have been removed and will be replaced with a white border.

Which is far better than just patching up here and there.

It will be a few weeks till its all finished but I think I can live with that.

At the moment I have a half fitted bath but no sink or Loo, thank god they didn’t take downstairs Loo out just yet.

Just hope Princebuild can cope with out me around to give them cups of tea….


The nice man from Longhurst homes did come to see me, told me nothing I didn’t already know but assures me he will look into the matter, see how old my heating system is and when its due for replacement. He also said he would get someone out to check my meter too.

So lets see if he keeps to what he said.

Funny thing was he knew all about my blog and my garden fences, can only think they  do a web search on technorati for Longhurst homes.

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One thought on “Bathroom….Stage one.

  1. sally

    Going to be a long job this bathroom of mine…. workmen due at 9am did not arrive till 11am. I got home from work at 2.30 no work men to be found anywhere. All they have done is fit sink and Loo in , now they are off for a week…….. cannot use shower as bath is not sealed in due to tiles needing fitting. Hope its going to be worth the wait… 🙂

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