Amazing Grace ….

At the week-end we went to see the film  Amazing Grace , I didn’t know what the film was about but when I asked got told it was all about William Wilberforce

I then had to admit I had never heard of him……..

Some times I wonder if I learnt anything at school…..

Anyway today I decided to ask around at work , and see how many people had heard of William Wilberforce,not one person I asked knew who he was , which made me feel much better…….

People from Cambridge have obviously had a better education than the people in Downham Market.

Truthfully how many of you  had heard of William Wilberforce ????

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7 thoughts on “Amazing Grace ….

  1. Duncan

    I hadn’t heard of him before I went to work in Hull for a year out in the later 80’s. Didn’t realise until this year that other people were involved, and that it was the ending of the trading rather than owning of slaves, etc etc.

    I did know that some Africans were involved in the ‘supply’ end as traders.

    As to modern slavery, bigotry, racism, etc, well, lets end all forms of fascistic behaviour today. Equality, fraternity, liberty!

  2. Weird Darren

    “Wilberforce too had been speaking out against slavery but didn’t have the evidence to support his arguments.” so abit like Tony Blair on WMD then? ^__^

  3. Martyn

    I’d heard of him – a Yorkshire hero who was part of our school curriculum when I was still in short trousers. As for you wierd Wisbech types – don’t knock Wilberforce. He destroyed his health and his career doing something he believed passionately in – not something I’d be brave enough to do.

    And don’t forget, it was William Pitt that asked Wilberforce to look at Clarkson’s work and turn it into an anti-slavery bill. Clarkson could never have made any progess without Wilberforce. Thomas Clarkson been trying to abolish slavery for several years, as part of an abolition committee, but to no effect, Wilberforce too had been speaking out against slavery but didn’t have the evidence to support his arguments.

    By Pitt putting Clarkson and Wilberforce together he made sure that Wilberforce’s abilities would ensure the success of the Abolition Bill, and it did… Parliament was shocked and stunned by the 1789 Abolition Speech when Wiberforce presented his arguments and proof. Slavery in Britain died with that speech!

    I will see the film eventually, but I bet it doesn’t measure up to the greatness that Wilberforce actually possessed.

  4. Weird Darren

    I’d heard of him. But then again coming from the home town of Thomas Clarkson (Wisbech) also know that he was just a mouth piece while Clarkson and others did all the hard work. And it was Wilberforces better PR after the fact that got him all the credit.
    So as you can guess I probably won’t be seeing the movie ^__^
    Now where is that movie about Octavia Hill I want to see made (another famous person from Wisbech 😉 )


    PS Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’ll let you know how I get on with the socks. Andy Howell might be a good person to speak to as well about them.

  5. Ruthie

    I hadn’t heard of him before either!

    I loved the movie, though… it’s even better once you read his biography. He was an incredible guy.

    You would think that a man with such an incredibly powerful story would be a household name… maybe now he will be.

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