Four Great Walks….

We left Lorraine’s house on Saturday morning and traveled to Rockingham.

Where we met with 4 friends and walked 16 miles, taking in some of the Jurassic way.

Geoff and I then traveled up to Hope in Derbyshire, using the Tom Tom GPS in the car , I was well impressed !!

After a great meal and a good nights sleep at The cheddar cheese pub we woke to a misty but dry morning.

After a full English breakfast , we set off on our walk, known in the area as the Edale Skyline.

We started off up Win Hill, over Kinder Scout, up Mam Tor and Lose Hill before dropping back down into Hope….. it was very very boggy on top of Kinder and also very very windy too.

Was very pleased with my fitness but very upset because I got a couple of blisters and some hot spots too.

After another great meal and good sleep , We woke to glorious sunshine so after another full English breakfast. We set off along the river into Castleton, we went up by the side of the castle and walked along The limestone way .

we then cut off towards Bradwell and Brough before following the River back into hope.

That evening we traveled back to Cambridge, feeling rather fit but tired.

Not being able to resist another walk, although I really should have as the blister on my heel was really sore.

We drove into Newmarket , where we walked along the Devils dyke into woodditton. in glorious sunshine once again.

we made our way back to Newmarket through the villages and footpaths, a really nice pretty walk.

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6 thoughts on “Four Great Walks….

  1. sally

    Ellee, yes its a shame i am not coming with you at the week-end but i am sure you will have a great time.
    James…I am made of tough stuff, if i was going i would walk with blisters…lol

  2. Ellee

    I would loved to have joined you on that walk around Woodditton, it’s such a beautiful area. Now then, how are your blisters?

    I shall be walking in the Forest of Dean this weekend, wish you were coming too.

  3. Lay

    I know just how boggy Kinder Scout can be – I once got stuck up to my knees and whilst extracting a foot I ruptured my calf muscle – which duly swelled to double the normal size and saw me in hospital on 20 minute observations lest a blood clot formed. Haven’t been back since which is a pity.

    Sending sympathy for your feet – mine were the same in Scotland from my new winter boots. Ouch.

  4. Samantha

    Hi Sally. Glad you enjoyed the walk, i did it many years ago. Camped over night in Hope Valley, after walking from Hope to Mam Tor, down into Castleton and along river back to Hope. De-camped then went to Edale. Excellent!

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